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Bruce Soffer, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute, joined the New York Academy of Sciences in 1995, bringing his unique flavor and dramatic presentation to the operation. In 1996, he formed his own company, Chef's Table, Ltd., which offered lavish affairs outside of the Academy, including glamorous home dinner parties, on-site corporate events, and parties at locations such as the Puck Building and other top New York City venues.

Bruce quickly turned Chef's Table into the New York Academy of Sciences' exclusive caterer and premier floral resource. His reputation has earned him rave reviews and numerous accolades from the industry, and the venue earned him a spot in the book 100 Best Places to Have a Party. He has also been mentioned in various magazines and is well known for his flexible style, which allows the host to contribute to the ideas surrounding the function.

With Bruce's decades in the catering business, Chef's Table has assembled reputable referrals for all of the components that make an event great - music, photography, and wedding cake providers. Most of all, the word travels fast; client referrals have been a continuous source of new business.

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