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For anyone looking for a kosher caterer, I wanted to share our recent fantastic experience with Chef's Table. My son's bris was Friday, and we had a last-minute crisis with the caterer we had planned to use. I reached out to Chef's Table (and many other kosher caterers) literally 24 hours before our event. While some flat out couldn't do it and others gave a bare-bones proposal, Bruce put together a lovely lunch for 40 people on basically no notice, and he was able to do the exact menu I wanted. The presentation was lovely and, more importantly, the food was DELICIOUS; we got a ton of compliments. Also, while every caterer said it was too late to do a sheet cake with my son's name on it, Chef's Table was the only one that suggested making a tray of brownies, leaving them unsliced, and putting his name on that, creating a brownie cake! Bruce even made me a plate of food when he saw that I kept stopping to talk to people and hadn't made it to the food area after 20 minutes in the room. Pricing was reasonable as well. I'll be happy to discuss more over Facebook PM. Please note that I have no connection of any kind to Chef's Table. I just wanted to share our wonderful experience and support a local merchant!
Flori Pressman


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